Commish Questions

Have a league member who wants to lose the ROS for the top draft pick, he is setting a lineup but wants to gut his team. Accepted trades of:
Martin for Tate
Cam/DT for Wilson/Funchess
Hogan/Juju for Green
Freeman/Doyle for Latavius

Obviously the Freeman deal is bad but the owner who sent the deal is arguing that all should be allowed or none should be allowed since none benefit the tanking owner, opinions?

I think you just let em all ride, some of these benefit him a lot, some not.

Honestly, they are not all bad trades. Martin isn’t performing the way he should. Funchess is a BEAST with out Kelvin there anymore and Green is way better than Hogan injured and JUJU one good game.

The Freeman/Doyle trade shouldn’t be let through. It’s abundantly clear to anyone who knows anything about fantasy that it is not anywhere near equitable for both sides. I’m a commish that is conservative and tend to let all trades go through, but that one is beyond atrocious. The other trades aren’t that bad, but that Freeman one is crap and the owner knows it.

It’s a fallacious argument to say “all or none” in this scenario. Most of those are actual equitable trades, and the Freeman one isn’t.

everyone except the martin/Tate trade wanna just cancel them all and prevent the tanking team from trading but the one owner thinks the trade is fair, how should this be handled

There is no need to cancel them all. I’m not sure of your relationship with your league mates, but in my league I have said that I will make unbiased judgement on the fairness of each trade in situations like this. I keep my hands off 99% of trades, but trades that are 1) collusion 2) strong preying on weak (within reason) 3) tanking teams, I step in.

If you really want, run the trades through an analyzer and give them some data to go off of. There is no way in hell the Freeman owner thinks that is a fair trade.