Commish Responsibility’s

I’m a commissioner for two leagues. Should I be contacting owners if their players are ruled out?

No its team owners job to keep up with their own teams if they dont its not your fault

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I agree with @EZircher, with the one exception on the players in your league. In different money leagues, I see people who dont pay so much attention to teams, but if there money is in, thats their fault. lol. It does also kind of take away some of the fun in it, though. So that is your call. I commish a couple leagues as well, and I wont DM them or anything, but I will publicly post to the league just explaining how their money is in, but also taking away some of the fun :confused:

Not at all…it’s their team and they need to monitor it…IF it becomes obvious they have abandoned their team and aren’t setting their lineups on a regular basis THEN you step in and say something but beyond that nope it is absolutely NOT your responsibility and you will upset the players playing against that person more by saying something then if you just stay out of it…