Commish- Snake Draft Questions

What is a solid way to decide draft order? I have always done random, but I want to try something else.

The fun, but time consuming way is to turn it into a game in and of itself. Works best with local leagues, can still be done with online leagues. You compete. Can be bracket challenges, or games in person. You do a system to decide brackets in person like let’s say you all go bowling. Randomize the seeding, and then person to win it all gets to pick their spot. Or winner of multiple events gets to pick their spot. Then second place picks, 3rd, and so on. I have recently been introduced to this, and it is fantastic. Builds league comradery and builds competition and rivalrys.

One thing I liked to do was to take a red plastic cut and put the numbers 1-12 or however many is in your league and basically have the guys throw into the cups full of whatever and that’s the order.

Use one of the pre-season games. Have each team guess a Final Score. Use those guesses to determine who get to pick their draft position first, second, third, etc.

Whomever gets closest to the result (picks the correct team winning, then closest to the score) gets to pick their draft position first.

Ravens vs Bears
Team A - 21:10 Baltimore
Team B - 21:17 Chicago
Team C - 21:14 Baltimore
Team D - 17:10 Baltimore

Final Score = 17:16 Baltimore

Order for teams to be able to choose draft position:

  1. Team A - 0
  2. Team D - 6
  3. Team C - 6
  4. Team B - 5