Commission never paid up

I was in a league where buy in was $100. I won and the payout was supposed to be $600. He never paid despite many requests. He paid off all other positions. Any ideas on how to handle this?

Can you expand on what you mean by “paid off all other positions”? Does this mean 2nd and 3rd were paid some amount?

What system of payment did you use? Leaguesafe?

Not much you can do except to keep on him, unfortunately.

i mean, i guess you could go to the cops? this is a form of stealing i guess. mostly i just want to hear that story of calling the cops to report a fantasy football crime lol.

but yeah, best bet is just to keep on him. i dont know if its a local league or an online one. online would make it difficult because you wouldnt ever see that person. just harass man. you won, thats your money.


Show up on his front step with a baseball bat :wink:

Yes, that is correct. 2nd and 3rd received there winnings. I did not