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Commissioner Advice Needed!


I’ve been the commissioner of a 12 team yahoo league for 5 years now and this is the first time I’ve encountered this problem so I wouldn’t be surprised if no one else has. I was in Mexico on my honeymoon when all this happened, other wise it would have been resolved as it played out.

I’ll refer to the team with the issue as Team B

Relevant info:
This is our first year using FAAB waivers (love it)
Our waivers process every night (I thought I understood what this meant until this happened, now I’m a little confused)

Here’s the scoop: (On Sunday - 10/1)
• I’m playing against Team B, so my decision is under the microscope…

• Team B had Carlos Santos in his lineup

• Team B put in a waiver claim to pick up Harrison Butker and drop Carlos Santos with a bid of $1

• Team B put in a waiver claim to pick up Jarred Goff and drop Jay Cutler with a bid of $1

• When Monday - 10/2 rolled around, he sends a message saying that the 2 players are not on his team, yet they are showing he owns them when he browses to them on the waivers. Also, when he browses to Carlos Santos or Jay Cutler they show as “not owned”.

• I wasn’t able to troubleshoot at the time because I was on my honeymoon…

• If Team B would have had the ability to play Harrison Butker on Monday night, his team would have won the match-up.

The Question(s):
• Do I manually override and stick Harrison Butker in his lineup for week 4 and take the loss?
• How do I make certain that the Yahoo system didn’t function as intended in this scenario?

Thanks in advance for being such an awesome group!


In my honest opinion, we’ve had this problem before as well in my league but we take full responsibility for a player not being on our own teams by the time our waivers are over. Santos was ruled out of this game way before sunday so action should have been taken well before then. I think team B is the one who is to blame for not taking action sooner. At least thats how we would view things in our league