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Last week Friday there was an agreed upon trade of Mike Evans, Marshawn Lynch and Jalen richard for Stephon diggs, Kenyan Drake and Calvin Ridley. There was a little discontent from the league members and there ended up being enough votes to veto it. I hate vetos and should’ve taken the rule out. Now some vetoed just because they don’t like the league member getting the Diggs side of the trade but I’m also told that the person who agreed to give up the Diggs side for the Evans side was one of the ones who vetoed after the games happened. My issue as commissioner is one I don’t think it should be vetoed especially since one of the people involved in the trade vetoed after the games happened but at the same time the veto process is there as a rule. Not sure what I should so

Ohh that’s tough, with it in as a rule I’m not sure if you can pull it in time to get this trade through. However, it does sound like your league member had regrets about the trade and might have convinced others to veto just so they could get out of it. Which is BS.

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The issue is there is a trade veto…

You can’t do anything about this trade now…

But I would send out a poll today and if you get majority… Remove the Trade VETO before week 3.

Trade vetos are so dumb… I will never play in a league that has one…

As stupid as the reasons you gave are & how stupid trade vetoes in general, still have to veto the trade since it’s an agreed rule in your league. But I would definitely make a move on voting to get rid of trade vetoes or make it a commissioner decision & only veto if it’s obvious collusion.

That sounds like some Major B.S. and the veto vote needs to go.

Your only work around if it’s a close vote is to disregard the involved parties veto vote. On the plus side, nobody in the league will want to play ball with that team from now on.

Push the trade through. Especially if the majority of vetos happened after the game. Even more so if one of the people involved in the trade was one of the vetos.