Commissioner canceled the league, against league majority vote

Commish of 4 keeper, 10 team league, running for 15 years, proposed skipping this season in late July. Encouraged comments on it.
Five people respond, saying they want to proceed with season. Nobody but Commish wants to skip this season.
Commish cancels season, saying it won’t be fun.

If I push back, he’ll get all defensive and want to fight it out with 100 messages back and forth. I don’t have time for that. But other players are pissed. I’m not even sure what to do at this point, other than to defer the fight to others.

Start a new league with everyone that wants to play this year. It’s not personal, you want to still play. If the commish gets upset, that’s their problem. You can always go back to that league next year.

They can’t just say, we’ll I don’t want to do it this year so no one gets to do it. That’s childish.

They should have just given commissioner duties to someone else for the year and taken it back next year.


this is the only response. its the same thing that would happen if the reverse happened. if the commissioner said we are playing and someone said no… you guys wouldnt cancel the whole league. you would fill that spot.


Thank you both for your responses. I agree with you both. It’s unusual because I believe he’ll want to make it personal and yada yada yada, but in the past he’s ignored the majority rule too. I’m in a few other leagues and gamble a lot, but this is getting tiring of dealing with a commissioner who has a history of getting angry at everyone over relatively small stuff.

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Exactly, sounds like a crap commissioner. Time to move on and take the guys to like to play with you.


If you joining/starting another league because he doesn’t want to play is something he takes personally, I recommend sending him a blankie and pacifier.


I won the championship last year and own picks 3, 10, 11, and 12 bc I traded my two best players at the start of last season (Tyreek and Thomas). He probably will refuse to refund our money until a year from now. I don’t really need the money, but other guys in the league make less money than me. I would like to come back and crush it. I think he wants me to leave because I call him on his dictatorship and others think it’s because of my draft situation. So I did join another league and I already run another league, but I think I’m going to stick with this bs and wait out this season, play next year, and then quit. Go out on top.

If I quit now there is literally no benefit.
to me. About 6 of the players in the league are responsive, and three rarely respond.

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Can you offer to swap commissioner for a year? Offers him a way out without doing anything.

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Nope, he is still refusing to give up control of the league. Basically told everyone to start another league if they want voting rights. I did ask him to defer, I assume he will either ignore it or give me a defensive response back.

Yup, now he is trying to blame the rest of the league


Time to leave! Dude’s lost it.

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So did you start another league?

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