Commissioner collusion

The commissioner of my league has been exposed to have attempted collusion. Everyone wants a punishment… what should we do?

  1. Obviously remove him as commissioner. He has lost that privilege. Do this immediately.

  2. You can consider removing him from the league next season, if all you guys don’t want him there and can find another guy to take his spot.

  3. If you keep him, depending on if you redraft or keeper or whatnot, you can consider penalizing him there somehow, like maybe losing a draft pick or a keeper.

  4. Shame him.

Agree with the above. What collusion was made?

He had McCaffrey and Chubb on bye and he was playing the guy in first place in my division. I needed him to lose. the commish comes to me asking for a rental trade so he could fill the hole of McCaffrey and Chubb for that week. I told him that was collusion he said “so?” So I screen shotted the text exchange and put it in the main league group chat.

How should we shame him?

Had sometbing like that happen in my league a year or two ago. They traded TEs then traded back the week later.

Put a roast me on Reddit for 24 hours. Can do a water bet type thing the guys in the podcast do. Buzz or shave his head.

Water-bet/shave like that guy said. Can also make him wear the merchandise of a team or player he dislikes, can make him wear a sign of shame at the next gathering, or do a funny public prank/embarrassment

Definitely not a “privilege” being commissioner…just a giant hassle.