Hey, FC.

10 Team- Dynasty-Single Qb- .5 ppr

I’ve got a league integrity question for you.

There are 2 managers that are swapping first round picks because of a personal bet. Basically, last years champion at pick 10 is trading places with this years number 2 pick. It’s a flat swap with no other players or picks involved.

The premise of the trade is a personal wager unrelated to the league.

I’m commissioner and my question is, considering that it’s dynasty, should I allow this trade to take place? I’m looking at it through the lense of the other managers and how unfortunately lopsided it is since it punishes the weaker team and strengthens a playoff contending one.

I know trades are trades, but for picks this seems like it just punishes the rest of the league. I’m concerned this could keep happening every year or to more extreme levels. So I’m trying to think long term league integrity.

Should I step in or not?

I feel that that’s a tough call. I would probably allow it if I had the right group of league mates in a free or very low buy in league. In a league with more money at stake I wouldn’t allow it because it could really get out of hand and take away from the spirit of things.
There have been times before in which I offered something smaller to help seal a deal (cheap memorabilia), but never straight up for a commodity.
As the commissioner, you should know how your league would respond and ultimately do what’s best for your league.

I’d let it go. If your league is betting picks for non-fantasty reasons hopefully that’s a sign of how invested they are. Dynasty can frequently get lopsided through legitimate trades as well so I always try and be careful about trying to ‘fix’ a transaction unless it’s outright collusion. The league will eventually balance out.

I would say you allow it to happen. But if you don’t want it to happen again, put it in the bylaws. That way you have the right/permission to reverse a similar trade it it happens again. Though a previous poster had a good point when they said it shows how invested the two are in the league, and that is pretty awesome!

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