Commissioner in need of answer Pick trade confusion

I am the commissioner of a 10 team 1/2PPR. This year I allowed draft pick trading. 2 guys swapped theirs first round picks for players. Just their first round picks mind you. So we went to draft one guy drafted fine, the other said he couldn’t draft his team after the first pick he said he was drafting the other persons team. He thought they were drafting the position they swapped all the way through even though they only swapped one pick. Now it was letting him draft his team he just refused to draft when it came to his pick. He’s mad saying me as the commissioner should have told him that’s how it worked. I say he should have known that. Am I at fault? Should I not allow pick trading? Thanks Ballers

This isn’t your fault. If that person wanted to make a trade that involved picks they should have been 100% sure of how that trade would work for them going forward. It sounds like this person was made aware of the rule while it was going on, too, making it even more their responsibility. Idk about pick trading, it’s kind of weird to me when not in a dynasty style league, but this is particular case is not on you. Just be clear what the rules are in your ultimate decision and try to be as fair as possible

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100% his fault. It’s not your job to babysit and go over the rules with every player in your league.

What platform did you use for the draft?

Most platforms show the team manager relative to their their picks. Whether they were acquired through trade or not.

Was this brought to your attention during the draft or after?
Do you have written bylaws?

Please, please continue to allow pick trading. Great Commissioners make fantasy more fun and allowing pick trading is one small way to do so.

If anything make a note to be extra clear about this in the future.

We use sleeper. So, it showed on the board the picks they traded and that they were still drafting at their original position after the first round.

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Then that guy is an idiot and should stop complaining. Nothing you can do about that.