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Commissioner Overstepping his bounds?


First off sorry for the long post but I just need some answers. So on Tuesday I offered a trade to another player in our league and he accepted it. The trade was my Orleans Darkwa and Ted Ginn for his Semaje Perine. Then he later messaged me and said he meant to decline it but that he didn’t want the player back. Than today the trade was supposed to go through and I checked on it this morning but the trade had disappeared and me and the other guy both have our original players. I tried messaging everybody in my league but nobody has responded, do you guys know what might have happened? I’m leaning towards the commissioner vetoing it but he hasn’t vetoed trades all year long. The only reason I can think of is the commissioner and I our tied for the last playoff spot, so he might have done this to prevent me from winning this week so he can make the playoffs. Any comments or ideas to what might have happened would be much appreciated.


I support you on this and think that you should bring it up to the rest of the owners. I feel like a trade is between 2 adults that are managing their respective teams. Once agreed and accepted I feel that the Commish should not have even been involved. You for sure were getting the much better end of that deal and as long as it wasn’t deemed collusion on either party I strongly believe that the trade should have been allowed to go through.


Yeah I mentioned it to other owners but haven’t gotten a response from them or the commissioner about why the trade didn’t go through.


That’s infuriating…once a trade is accepted…it’s accepted…best of luck.


Yeah what’s really frustrating is there was no explanation given as to why the trade was declined. So now I’m not sure who to start as my RB2 between Darkwa and Woodhead.


Ugh. Between those, I’d say Woodhead.

Full Disclosure, I might be biased since I am a Raider fan, however, I was actually going to play him until McAdoo benched Eli.

If he’s benching Eli, he’ll probably give more snaps to Gallman.


Yeah, that is seriously messed up. It sounds like the commish didn’t want you having Perine because playoffs, and he intervened and talked to the guy you were trading with. And now they are not responding because they don’t know what to say? It’s messed up.

I would start Darkwa. I imagine they will be running the ball a lot with Geno Smith under center. And Alex Collins has been the dominant RB in Baltimore.


Yeah I’m leaning towards Darkwa as well just because of volume. This league is full point ppr would that change your opinion on Woodhead?


I am on the same page as @ozzy_venegas. I worry that the Giants are going to start “seeing what they have” across the board and you may see more Gallman than Darkwa…so I would probably lean Woodhead…but I also agree that is super messed up and the trade should be put through immediately or, if they don’t respond before, Perine put in your lineup retroactively. I would just also inform the commish via email\messaging exactly who you would be benching for Perine in advance so that that is what should be out in place and they can’t say “well you didn’t say who you were going to start him over so I can’t make it retroactive.”


OK I’ll do that thanks for the advice.


Yes, it would. Woodhead in PPR plus a favorable matchup? I would give him the edge then.

Good luck. I hope you knock that sneaky commish out of playoffs.


I just got messaged from the guy who I was going to trade with and he sent me a new offer saying he didn’t know what happened. I would be getting Samaje Perine and Stefon Diggs and I would be giving up Davante Adams. The problem with this is that it takes two days for our league to process trades so I wouldn’t be able to play Perine because he’s playing tonight. On top of that Adams is playing really well while DIggs isn’t, what should I do?


I mean 1, this whole trade situation seems botched. This is also though why trades should have a deadline earlier in the season. You don’t have a chance for playoff debacle trades when the deadline is enforced at an earlier date.


Before the season it was extended to end this weekend since there are new players in our league and it was voted to extend the deadline. Also the guy I would be trading with he’s out of playoff contention.


That sounds like he called the commish and told him about the 1st trade. It looks like he realized he wasn’t getting great value for the two players. I would fight for the first trade. looks like he will be getting a much better piece for his team…still a solid trade for you.


I confronted him about it and he said he accidentally accepted it but he didn’t know why it didn’t go through. He said he didn’t know why it didn’t go through. But the only person who can change the result of an accepted trade in our league is the commissioner. Also if I accepted this I wouldn’t be able to play Perine this week and this is the last week before the playoffs and I have to win to get in. Is it still a good trade for me?


I would tell the commish to push it through since he stopped the other. make it known to both commish and the trader. I would do that trade. Adams and Diggs are almost the same player. both studs on given games and perine is only show in town. I would do this if I needed a RB


What if I can’t get a hold of the commissioner to push it through tonight, do I still take it?


I woiuld wait till the following week after the games incase an injury happens


I forgot to say that the trade deadline is this weekend so I can’t trade for him next week.