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Commissioner problems! Please help!


I have a manager in my league who’s been trading away all his good players to another manager for a couple weeks now. I plan to lock his team from making any other moves. What is the appropriate action to do with his current players? Do I drop them all and make them available to the rest of the league or do I just simply bench them? Your input is greatly appropriated.


Are the trades overly lopsided? and is the team trading away his good players guaranteed to miss playoffs? We need a little more context as to the type of trades that have been happening and what their records look like.


Around week 5 a guy in my league decided he didn’t want to play any more and pretty much just let his team sit. Another guy in my league started offering him trades such as Peterson for Connor, Doyle for Kittle etc. fishing his team until it was dry. The guy who recived all the better players went from 2 and 4 to 5 and 4. From 9th place to 5th. The guy who was trading away his good players is now 3 and 6 and in 9th place.


I mean, you should of done something then. You just kinda have to ride it out now.


Yeah, you should have intervened sooner… At this point, it may be too late. You could poll the league and get everyone’s else’s thoughts. If they were only trading with one another the past couple of weeks I would be tempted to put the teams back to normal. Normal as in before they started swapping players.