Commissioner Question: to veto a trade or not

I’m the commissioner of a 12 team PPR league and usually try to stay out of trades in the league but this trade offer has a couple of veto votes so I figured I would throw it in here to see what you guys think.

Team A Receives: Antonio Gibson, Travis Kelce, James Robinson, Jameis Winston

Team B receives: Alvin Kamara, George Kittle (currently on IR), Zach Moss, Josh Allen

Let me know what you guys think, thanks!

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Bump for help!

That’s not far off from even.

So its not a bad trade then? Initially looking at it I thought it was a terrible trade and one team was completely getting ripped off

Never veto any trades.

Also this trade looks pretty even. Kamara-Moss = Gibson-Robinson Kelce > Kittle and hes out a couple weeks, Allen > Winston on the other side

It’s all subjective. Unless someone is dumping their whole team for waiver wire guys in a move of rage I see no reason to lord over guys trades. As commish it’s more your job to get good players and let them do their thing.


It’s not that bad of a trade. At the end of the day there should be no veto votes. The only veto should be by you the commissioner to stop collusion. Doesn’t matter if you think it’s one sided, if there’s no collusion there should be no intervention


Definitely wasn’t trying to just wanted to see if the trade was honestly trying to figure out if it was that lopsided or not

We took away the option to veto trades, allowing them to go through immediately. As commissioners (there are three of us, to help break ties when two of us disagree), we will only step in if it’s obvious someone is trying to throw their season just to help someone else (Derrick Henry + Kyler Murray + Travis Kelce for Peyton Barber + Mac Jones + Eric Ebron). It’s well within the range of possible outcomes that the trade is better for either side of that trade. Open up the ability to trade in your league, and as long as you have decent humans in your league, you should never need to step in


Agree with the replies. No trade should be vetoed. Only in cases of obvious collusion/tanking should one be vetoed. The optics and personal opinions on who wins/loses the trade is immaterial.

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That is a fair trade IMHO. If Kittle wasn’t on IR likely no one would really care. Sure rn it might favor Team A, but it’s nothing outlandish and that’s just rn.

Typically I do not veto unless things are really screwy. In fact, one of my leagues Team A gave up a championship roster to Team B over a series of trades. None of them were “bad” but tilted toward Team B. The sum of the trades makes Team B a powerhouse for years and Team A…well a team in the league. Some owners were upset but if the same trades Team A made went to 3 different teams no one would care. It was just that they all went to Team B. Despite some cries of veto and unfair I opted to do nothing about it since there was no obvious reasons.

All three of those trades were more lopsided than this one you are asking about.

I’d not worry and let the league carry on.


Why on earth would you veto that?? Never Veto. Someone’s got reasons

Its not horrible a trade