Commissioner screwed

In an attempt to give a little more weight to D/ST my commissioner accidentally made punt return yards worth double (aka Tyreek Hill had 60+points week 1) now my leagues arguing it and wanting to change it, which would affect week 1 and 2 scores. Is it okay to change the rule? Or, do we just have to play the way it is and live with it.

I don’t think it would be right to change it at this point, especially if that’s going to take a win away from someone. Was this not voted on before the season started?

I think I agree with that…no one noticed it before we started.

I think everyone in the league should be aware of what ALL the rules are, especially the commissioner. My league votes on EVERYTHING

You can manually adjust scores on ESPN forsure … So unless you have a most points scored tie breaker than just change the rule for week 3 and on but go back and make the teams who won weeks 1 and 2 win by 1 point… If you have a most scored points tie breaker than go back into the scores and make them the same amount of points as it was before the rule was changed.

Any changes during the season are ok to make if the league agrees on it… But NO changes should ever affect PAST weeks.

Good point above. Make the change but make sure the standings remain the same. Good point about the most points scored tiebreaker as well, a lot of leagues have that. My league actually gives a payout for the highest score of the year. Going forward you guys need to make sure that the league is aware and in agreement on everything

Thanks guys. We’re keeping past week’s scores and changing the rule back for future. Definitely going to be more aware of rule changes going forward.