Commissioner Trade Conundrum

So, I am the commish of our league. Been negotiating a trade with a league member.

i have a ton of RBs and weak at TE. 12 team, PPR, Redraft. Start 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2FLEX (RB,WR,TE)

My team
QB: Murray, Carr
RB: Zeke, Drake, Montgomery, James Robinson, Ronald Jones, Gibson, D Harris, Pollard
WR: Godwin, Ridley, Chark, Marvin jones, Jeffery
TE: L Thomas, Ebron, Alie-Cox

I am tied for 2nd place right now. I offered Dmont, Gibson, and Ebron for Kelce because he is riddled with RB injuries. The guy rejected my offer and countered with this…

Drake/Logan Thomas for Kelce.

As an owner, I can’t accept this fast enough. As a commish and a realistic human being, I feel it’s incredibly lopsided in my direction and actually feel guilty for even thinking about accepting this.

How would you handle a situation like this as a commissioner?

Hit accept

He must like Drake alot and he may turn it around.

Everyone has their own opinions…

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Really. The whole league is going to flip out over this. Guess I just say F it a still go for it.

Am I wrong when I say this is lopsided

He countered you right ?

Drake was drafted end of first round, early second.

Yes he has struggled but it is week 5 and you said he needs RB help.

He likes it . Decline it if you feel that bad .

Everyone likes or dislikes their guys. He likes Drake and is thinking he turns it around. Make the deal it’s not collusion and he can live with it clearly since it was his offer.

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I agree with everyone else. Make the deal. Especially since he made the counter offer. Some ppl tilt and don’t always think things completely through. Its not collusion and your not taking advantage of the guy. If drake gets better then good for your trade partner. You still have the better RB depth and picking up the stud TE to take your team to the top.

Make the deal. As long as there is no collusion, any trade is legit, being commish doesn’t change that fundamental concept.

This :point_up_2:. What last poster said. It’s not collusion. I think it’s a bad trade for them, but it’s what they want, so they will think they won the trade. If other league members question just say the truth - it’s what they offered, you just accepted. And again, no collusion means go ahead.

I’d feel bad too though and be conflicted, so I feel ya there, but go win your league!

Thx for response