Compete or Play For The Draft Spot?

Hey Guys,

Curious in your thoughts about roster construction and whether I should attempt to compete or no this season. Last year I went into a massive rebuild.

I play in a 12 team PPR & TE premium dynasty league. Start 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 RB/WR 1 D

Our system allows us to leave guys in the taxi squad who are rookies. JUST BASED ON MY ROSTER** Would you guys attempt to compete with this roster? Or should I leave guys in taxi and play for a better draft slot?

This is another year in your rebuild, for sure.

Def a rebuild team. But it seems to be going well.

I’m assuming that players can remain on the taxi squad indefinitely. But once pulled up, they cannot be demoted?

Do you have rules about “tanking” or playing the best roster available?

Either just before the season or a week or two in, I would look to sell:

  • Mckinnon
  • Gronkowski
  • Amandola
  • Patriots D