Competing Trades

Had a guy who’s dangling Gurley, the offer he’s considering (according to what he told me) was Gurley for Alex Collins, Buck Allen, and Marvin Jones

I counter offered with Jordan Howard, Antonio Callaway, and either Jordan Wilkins or CJ Anderson.

Think I need to really bulk up my offer? I’m the top scoring team in the league and both Callaway and Wilkins are 5th or 6th options at their positions so I’m well endowed as it is.

Why the hell are they selling Gurley for garbage (relatively speaking)? I would buy the shit out of Gurley if you can. I assume you’re not the person with Collins, Allen and Jones, right?

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Who are u playing with my grandma? haha but yea dude in all seriousness I would send him multiple offers hell include the kicker lmao

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Nope, he made a huge mistake with his draft and he’s got Gurley followed by Peyton Barber, LeSean McCoy, Ty Montgomery, Nyheim Hines, Chris Ivory, and Rex Burkhead…

He’s firmly entrenched in last place and trying to improve his depth. I was hoping Callaway in the last round (keeper league) would be enough to pry him away. I may attempt to flip him Hunt in place of Howard see if he bites.

My Backs are Howard, Hunt, Miller, Hyde, Wilkins, CJ Anderson, and Spencer Ware… we have a 2nd flex spot so I’m not really trying to trade two of the first four buuut maybe Miller/Hyde/and Godwin or Callaway?

I would snap accept the Gurley for Collins, Allen, and Jones trade. I’d be willing to give up quite a bit more than that.

I’d be willing to give up Howard + Miller for Gurley.

He’s got Gurley, and the garbage offer is from another owner. I have the best RB depth in the league so he came to me for counter. I’m throwing everything at the wall right now… If I can manage to pry gurley away AND keep Howard and Hunt…

Did I mention I have Michael Thomas and OBJ and took a chance on Goff/Matt Ryan combo? tee hee I’m pacing the league already. This may get vetoed regardless.

IDK plain and simple this gurley owner is an idiot. If he has only RBs he could flip Gurley for 2 decent WRS. Every offer on the table, yours includes “no offense” is garbage for what gurley is worth.

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You’re 100% correct, I AM offering him crap, but I know he’s considering the Collins/Buck Allen/Marvin Jones deal so I’m not going to completely come over the top. Need to save some room to escalate should the other guy offer more. Trying to play the game a little bit.

I would include Howard and Miller in that trade and maybe a back end wr. Howard is good but he is no Gurley and I think Miller is going to lose at least half of his touches once Foreman comes back which is week 7 so I assume by week 9 Miller might just be riding the bench anyways

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yea if I can go Howard/Miller/Cobb I’d do it.

well, truthfully I’d go more but I’m thinking he’s so ripe for the picking I don’t need to LOL

You also have to think the more you try to lowball the offer the more chance someone is going to be upset and stupid and just veto the trade

It’s a keeper league and I’m trying to offer him Callaway in the 20th or Godwin in the 16th but he’s being stubborn… Cobb seems to excite him for some reason…

I even offered Hunt in the 4th instead of Howard… I don’t know man, sometimes you gotta play the hand your dealt LOL

EDIT: We did the deal (HEHEHEHE)

I get Gurley
He gets Howard, Lamar Miller, Antonio Callaway.

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Now I’m trying to steal Le’Veon Bell from his owner… maybe I can convince him to move him for a bag of peanuts… LOL

You should come over the top while still under the other offer. You don’t want him to really have to choose between the two offers so that you get Gurley but there’s still plenty of buy low room between that offer and gurley’s value. Think Hunt, Miller and Godwin or Callaway. Sure you lose two of your top 4 RBs but you gain one guy who scores more than the both of them combined on a regular basis, and then you get to start someone else in the extra spot. Starting Howard, Hyde and Gurley with Thomas and OBJ would obliterate teams.

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I was able to get the deal done; I basically said pick one of Howard/Hunt, and any WR not OBJ or Michael Thomas and we went with Howard/Miller/Callaway

He considered Cobb for a bit (god knows why) but settled on Callaway’s ceiling and keeper round.

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Haha nice straight highway robbery but he put himself in a pretty bad position to start.


He’s one of those mercurial types… won the league in a run away 2 years ago, looking like back to back last place finishes (which results in a renaming of the last place trophy hahaha sucker!)