Competition Format - Week 18

Maybe because we started our league (in 1990) before fantasy’s popularity exploded, our competition format remains unusual but in my opinion, far superior to the playoff format that is used in most leagues. We have no playoffs. Instead, there are two competitions: one for best won-lost record and the other for most total points on the season, with the top three finishers in each category (usually fewer than six, due to some teams finishing top-three in both categories) splitting the pot.

In leagues with a playoff, Week 18 is unusable due to the severe impact that players being rested could have on the outcome of a championship matchup. In our league, however, Week 18 has no greater significance than any other week - that is, just a 5.5 percent impact (1/18th) on the season’s outcome. So we play a full 18-week schedule. As compared with a playoff league where every team is done for the year by Week 17 - and all but four have been done since Week 15 - EVERY TEAM IN OUR LEAGUE gets a full 18 weeks of fun. In fact, at least six out of our twelve teams are still in the running to win coin, depending on the outcome of Week 18.