As a new dynasty player, the biggest issue I’m encountering (especially when handling orphans) is determining when I should be competing vs when I should be in rebuild mode. So I ask, where’s the line? What pieces need to be in place at each position to be considered competitive?

I think the most competitive teams are established by having a duo of skilled young running backs, a clear WR 1 and then a bunch of upcoming rookies with breakout potential or proven veterans who get the job done. If you keep finishing middle to bottom of the pack each year and have older players then it’s probably time for a complete rebuild. If your stuck in the middle every year, you might have a decent team but your losing money.

My strategy for building a team is largely based around the way I draft. It’s usually at least a 2-3 year process to set yourself up to be a competitive team. The first year of the rebuild I would draft mostly all receivers and try to acquire a young tight end. The reason for this is that it takes WR and TE a few years to hit their peak. By drafting them in the first year, they will reach their maximum potential in 2-3 years right around the time when you are drafting RB’s and trying to make a run for the championship. The 2nd and 3rd year of the rebuild I would try to get a running back in the early first round if the prospects are good. Then in the 2nd and 3rd round take a shot on your favorite receivers. (Lots of fantastic receivers have been drafted in the 2nd and 3rd round in recent years. Just take a look at this past year and guys like Kenny G, Terry McLaurin, Dionte Johnson ect… ). If you follow this strategy then by the 3rd year you will have a competitive team with a bunch of young assets.

Alternatively you could try to trade away a bunch of you future draft picks to try and “win now”. This method may give you a decent shot of winning sooner, but can be a little risky for the future depending on how much capital you give up.

With good team management skills you can roster a competitive team just about every year. However keep in mind that running back usually on last about 5-6 years before you will need to replace them.

Another key point is having depth on your team. If you have an incredible starting lineup but a crappy bench then you have no way to deal with injuries when they arise. Elite players are nice to have, but they often stretch your team pretty thin because they are worth so much. For example, CMC is absolutely fantastic. But, if you had 2 or 3 players equal to his worth this past season, you might have still had a chance even if you lost a guy to a season long injury.

If your still looking for more advice feel free to contact me on sleeper. Been playing fantasy for many years.
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