Competitive 12-Team PPR Dynasty Start-Up, $100 buy-in (2yrs upfront)

Bonjour Footclan!

I’ve serve as Commish for two redraft leagues, both of which are going on their 7th year. Looking to start up a Footclan dynasty league with 12 dedicated Footclan members. Love being commish and always aim to help foster a competitive, interactive, and above all fun league for everyone.

Shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested:

All preliminary league rules below (open to suggestions once we’re filled).


  • Buy-In: $200 (covers first 2 seasons) to promote league continuity
  • Payout:
  1. 650
  2. 300
  3. Reg-Season Pt. Leader: 120
  4. Reg-Season Weekly Pt. Leader: 10/wk

1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
14 Bench
IR: 2
Taxi: 3


  • Snake style, randomized order
  • Slow draft via MFL, 6 hrs. per pick, pauses overnight
    *slowest average drafter covers league’s annual $6 MFL fee
  • Rounds: 29
    21 Vet
    5 Rookie
    3 Vet/Rookie

Pass YD: 0.04/yd
Pass TD: 4
INT: -2

Rush YD: 0.10/yd
Rush TD: 6

Rec YD: 0.10/yd
Rec YD: 6
Reception: 1

Fumble (possession lost OR kept) : -2
2-Pt Rush/Rec/Pass: 2


  • Reg Season: 13 games, double-header each week
  • Playoffs: Weeks 14-16
  • Playoff Teams: 6 (division winners + 3 next best records, tiebreaker total points)
  • Divisions: 3


  • In-Season: 250
  • Offseason: 100
  • Min Bid: 0 (tiebraker time bid submitted)
  • Processes Wed, Th, Fri, Sat at 12pm EST


  • Unlimited through Tuesday before Week 11
  • Rookie draft picks can be traded up to two years ahead (e.g. through 2019 this season, through 2020 after season begins, etc.)
  • Processed immediately
  • Collusion only cause for vetoing trades, concerns must be raised with commish


  • League will be hosted via MyFantasyLeague (MFL)
  • League communication conducted over Slack or GroupMe

Full list of rules & bylaws will be distributed to those interested.

Thanks all. Super excited to get this going. Let me know!

  • Taylor