COMPLETE BS?!? Need objective opinions

Ok here’s the situation. There is a guy in my dynasty league with Zeke and absolutely nothing else of value. So, after 2 years of losing, he decided to sell Zeke. He wanted a king’s ransom (as he should) and only 2 guys were willing/could pay. Me and the commish. This league is notorious for poor communication, but has gotten better over the years. Anyways. I sent my offer for Zeke and so did the commish. The seller, 3 days later, told us our offers were neck and neck. So, I added more to my offer and asked if that would get me Zeke. If not, I told me to tell me what more he wants and I would probably pay it. No response. Next day I text him again saying “I will top ANY offer you get.” No reply. 2 hours later, the commish texts the league saying Zeke was traded. My updated offer never got a reply. My text asking what he wants never got a reply. And my final text saying I would top any offer never got a reply. The race was “neck and neck” but my updated offers were never considered.

Is there a problem in the league? Or am I wrong? If there is a problem, do you have advice to fix it? Please help because I am on serious tilt.

I don’t see a problem with the other deal going through, only that the Zeke owner didn’t give you the courtesy of a response. If the other person offered a deal the Zeke owner preferred, he doesn’t have to let you know (although this is kind of a dick move). Maybe the Zeke owner didn’t like your deal as much as you thought he did.

That being said, I fully understand trade tilt and it’s a horrible feeling. My condolences my friend.

I would agree with you 90% of the time, especially in this league. Guys dont bother responding and it sucks but if you dont get a reply theres not much you can do. In this situation, the Zeke owner told me my offer was tied with the other. So we upped our offers. My issue is that I told the Zeke owner that I will top “ANY offer he gets.” But he didn’t reply. If someone tells me that, I text that guy back and try to get the best offer. Maybe I’m being idealistic but it seems like common sense to me. And when common sense is ignored like this, it seems a little shady. Maybe I’m overreacting

I can see why you would want to join another league if there is poor communication. That being said, there is nothing immoral about what happened. If the owner has his mindset on some other guy and doesn’t want to hear the best offers that is his/her problem.

Yeah I totally get your frustration with what happened, but ultimately it boils down to the Zeke owner preferred the other deal knowing full well that you were prepared to offer something to “top” the other deal. Maybe he thought there were no other players on your team you could add that he felt were better than the deal he took.

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Crazy unfortunate. But it happens. I had something kind of similar happen to me. Honestly if its me and this is just how it is in this league, i would just walk. This is supposed to be fun. If its not fufilling that then you need to get out. Now the guy did nothing wrong by the books, but morally its stupid to not at least keep lines of communication open. I feel for you man.

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Thanks for the replies. I texted the previous Zeke owner with what was going to be my max deal and he had the audacity to tell me that deal definitely would have got Zeke. Now I’m even more on tilt; but, its comforting to know I’m not crazy for being on tilt.

If it is that good of a deal, why not offer it to the guy who has Zeke now? You can still get your guy, hope is not all lost haha

@getmadboy I tried and he told me no. He said the deal is worth it but he wants Zeke even if it means turning down a good deal. Hey, at least I got a text back right?


I think it’s just an unfortunate situation. It sucks he didn’t respond to you or didn’t check his texts before agreeing to the other trade. Either way if he thinks your max offer would’ve been better than what he got than that’s on him. It doesn’t seem like there was any foul play. I just think whenever a commish is getting a good player it makes guys do a double take.