Complete re/do of team, how did I do?

So I am currently sitting in a position where I pretty much have the playoffs guaranteed and I wanted to improve for the post-season scheduling. How did I do? Single QB, Redraft, full PPR
Before the Trade I had
QB: Smith, Wentz
RB: Gurley, McCoy, Hunt, Jones, Miller, Kelley, Peterson
WR: Evans, Bryant, Cooks, Stills
TE: Brate
D/ST: Jags
K: Lutz

After some Trades I now have
QB: Smith, Winston
RB: McCoy, Gordon, Hunt, Freeman, Miller, Peterson
WR: Evans, Bryant, Jeffrey, Davis
TE: Gronk, Brate
same D/K
How did I do?

Should I move one/ two of my 5 stud RBs for Green, Jones, Brown?

Great job, thanks for Crason wentz

is there like 4 teams in this league?

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ten team league