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Completely up in the air on my flex, help footclan!


I am completely torn on my flex spot this week. This is a 40 team, 4 division PPR league that the top 16 have now made the playoffs. This is the first week of the playoffs for us…So the person I am playing also has Mark Ingram and the Chargers D so they are a wash. Hunt has been such a let down lately and reid isn’t giving him any run so I am trying to not allow my early season view of Hunt color my decision here. Freeman’s matchup is rough and he’s coming off of a concussion, Williams is on a bad offense overall but has been getting the touches. And then there are my WR’s…thoughts?

Also, Jared Cook just got dropped in my league, would you drop Shepard, Doyle or Henry for him to play him this week over Henry?

I don’t want to overtinker or overthink it…



I’d go Freeman over Hunt and drop Doyle for Cook


Freeman over Hunt and Jamaal?


My sincere apologies…

Perhaps go with Williams. Yes Williams is on a bad offense, but Tampa is a TERRIBLE defense (and Coleman put up 2 TDs against them last week).

After Hunt was not able to do anything against Buffalo at home, I don’t trust him on the road in New York.