Complicated Keepers

14 Team, 0.5 ppr, 1QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1TE, FLEX.

Here is where it gets complicated. Each team has $300 FAAB for the entire year (Draft and Waivers). You can go all in during the draft or save some for waivers during the year.

We get 3 keepers, here are my options:

Jordan Howard ($24)
Alex Collins ($36)
Chris Carson ($11)
Devonta Freeman ($60)
Kenny Stills ($11)
Kenny Golladay ($11)
Chris Hogan ($20)

Where is the value? Assuming 2 out of the top 10 RB’s will be available in the draft and 4 out of the top 10 WR’s will be available.


do you have to keep 3? cause i know i would lock in howard as a keeper, but after that… its kinda messy. i would love to keep freeman, but not for 20% of your budget for the whole year. collins could be worth his 12%, but thats another messy backfield to rely on for a large portion of your budget as well. carson, stills, golladay and hogan are all either in bad spots to produce in (carson is with seattle and penny in front of him, golladay has to compete with top end WR2s, hogan is unknown if he will be the guy, stills is at miami) so honestly, if i dont have to keep 3, i keep howard and look for my values in auction time. worst comes to worst, you know freeman is out there, and you might be able to get him for a discount of that 60$ spent.

Assuming those values are relevant for the upcoming auction draft, Howard seems like the largest value at $24.

I would look to keep Stills for $11 and Hogan for $20.

Freeman is overpriced for his 2018 value. Out of curiosity what does a guy like Gurley/Bell or OBJ/Hopkins go for?

Thanks. I was thinking the same thing.

In our league, Gurley will be kept for $80. Bell will be kept for $51. But that is a bit misleading. The keeper price is = FAAB/DRAFT price from last year +$10. Bell was discounted as a rookie and kept for a few years.

But for perspective, McCoy went for $80 last year in the open market and Julio went for $110.