Concern about RB Depth?

I have Ezekiel Elliot, Lesean Mccoy, and Theo Riddick in my 14 man Standard league. Should I be concerned about my RB depth even though I have Antonio Brown, Keenan Allen, Brandin Cooks, and Funchess?


Just me personally, but I’m ALWAYS concerned about my RB depth. I only feel safe if I have two studs and at least 2 or 3 I’d be comfortable plugging in at flex. And in a 14 team league?!? I’d be panicked all day long, looking for deals on the waivers. Best luck I’ve had if RBs are scarce is trying to snag WRs early that look legit and trade them for a decent RB the minute they have a blowup game.

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I’m honestly applying this strategy as we speak. I’m always worried about RB depth. I’m currently trying to trade two so-so rbs for a really good wr so I can then flip a wr after a blow up game for a much better rb.

Yeah, you should be concerned. You only have one viable starter. I’d probably try and take one of your WRs and trade it for a couple RBs.

I.e. Keenan Allen for like some combo of Kerryon/Michel/Aaron Jones + a fringe WR or something.

aaron jones and john brown for keenan allen? I feel like I could certainly get better for allen

I said 2 of. So try and get 2 out of Jones/Kerryon/Michel and then get John brown as well.

jones marshawn and john brown for keenan and riddick?

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Yeah that’s even better given standard scoring format. You’re getting 3 starters for your stud. All with pretty big upside, specifically aaron jones. ANd i actually love John Brown anyway. That’s the type of trade you need given how little depth you have.

kerryon, dion and larry for keenan

Nah. I don’t want to own titans RBs. That team looks objective bad. Same goes for Larry.

breida, Ap, cooper for keenan and mccoy

Nah. Has to be more in line with what I said above. I don’t get all the AP hype. We’ve seen this before. Dude blows up for like 20-30% of games and disappears after.

Breida is meh. And cooper is super boom bust. Even as a cooper truther, i would not take this trade as keenan owner.

Although McCoy is a throw away, he’s worthless to me so if you can add him in and get more value from anyone, do that.

keenan and mccoy for jones, marshawn, john brown?

Yeah take that. I think already said yes to that one.

Will I be in trouble thought starting Marshawn at RB2 and then flex aaron jones or john brown.

Nah you wont be in trouble. Marshawn is fine as an RB2 (i was totally wrong about him) and this week, I would start Aaron Jones vs that lions trash run D.

Going forward, you just rotate the 3 based on matchups.