Conditional Fournette Trade

I am last place (1-4) in my league and I was offered the following trade from the 1st place manager:

I give up Fournette and my 5th round pick


James White and his 3rd round pick; if Fournette plays in Week 10 or before, that pick converts to a 1st round pick. If Fournette’s next snap is Week 11 or later, it remains a 3rd round pick

Note: Jags Bye week is Week 9

Thoughts on this trade? I’m pretty close to accepting. What would you say is the probability of the draft pick converting?

I think the chances are slim. I think if Yeldon is playing like he is, they will rest him until at least the bye. You do have a shot of it converting in week 10 though.

I agree. I see them targeting a week 10 return though. The Bye week helps I think.

In the scenario where Fournette comes back after Week 11 and I did NOT do the trade, then my team is still at the bottom of the league. By accepting the trade, I would have James White in the meantime to hopefully not be in the bottom 2 and my league has a penalty for bottom 2. Plus i would still be getting the 3rd rounder