Confidence in Aaron Jones to trade for?

In a two keeper, non-ppr, do I…

Trade Away the 3.09 pick

To Receive: Aaron Jones (who I will keep for my 7th round pick)

My first 5 picks are: 1.01, 2.12, 3.09, 3.10, 5.08.

My two keepers would then be Thielen + Jones, snag Saquon w/ 1.01 and go from there.


so this becomes arron jones for a 3.9 & 7th…so would you trade arron jones for monty/samuel?

I prob wouldnt in non-ppr… jones risk in greenbay is he doesnt get enough work and if you reduce the pass catching his value is reduced as well i would prob rather have the monty/samuel side