Confidence in Mixon playing this week?

Reports seems good and just saw Gio flag up as a DNP with his own knee issue which helps Mixon if he gets cleared.

Torn between gambling with Mixon or choosing Hines or Kerryon as my third RB… I do have Cook and Coleman as well but they’re trending down this week

If he goes, I’m playing him for sure. The news has sounded pretty positive and that offense is brute, so I’m definitely going with him…

Hoping there’s a clearer injury report out on him before the Colts/Pats game today, Or at least another positive report so i can don’t need to risk benching him for Hines tonight

Why not bench Cook going against Philly? The most they’ve given up to an individual rusher this year is like 36 yards and I think teams have only gotten like 56 against them. Then you can play Hines at RB tonight and see what comes out about Mixon and play Cook only if you have to?

So i’m overloaded at RB right now, I’ve got Gordon and Yeldon in as 1 and 2 but as i’m low on WR choices i’m flexing/3rd WR/RB play one of the other RBs out of Hines, Mixon, Cook, Kerryon or Coleman.

So yes agree on Cook and i’m not sure he even plays this week tbh, Coleman if Freeman was out that could have made it difficult but tough to call today, so really it’s between Mixon, Kerryon and Hines. It’s a good headache to have all the choice but still a tough call

tough call. I have Mixon Kerryon and Hines as well as Aaron Jones , Ty, and Ajayi. not quite as good as your stable though. if Mixon plays I’m going to Ride with him. I want to play Hines but the short week has me concerned

Yeah that’s the red flag, the short week on the road to NE is a tough matchup for anyone.

I think with Gio struggling with practice time that helps my confidence in Mixon’s playing time being largely ensured if he’s good to go. Will all depend on the injury report today before KO and then a gut call i think.

I can see Hines being stuck on say 9 or 10 points and then the Colts we be in the hurry up chasing two scores deep in the 4th quarter and end up with loads of check downs and dump offs and a garbage time TD that gives him a high teens total or more for the week - which possibly could be better than Kerryon or Mixon can do but it would be a shame to bench that. Plus the lack of Colts targets healthy this week sort of say if you don’t play Hines now, with my current crop when will i ever?

Hines is on my waivers and I’ve been flirting with picking him up and playing him. But I don’t want to pick him up if I don’t plan on playing him this week because, baring injury, if I don’t play him now I don’t foresee a situation I play him later.

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That’s fair, in some ways if i play him or not i hope he has a good game again so i can try and leverage the Mack owner or the guy who owns Wilikins is 0-4 with no RB depth and get a deal done in a package. Landry and OBJ are targets on each team, so if they have quiet weeks i can try and package for an upgrade at WR