Confidence in starting Woods and Cooks

So I own both in my league and am basically forced to start both all times. How you feel about them tonight?

Following, have both but thankfully in different leagues!

Yeah I took woods first, then cooks the round after. Kupp then went after both of them! Wish I had gone Cooks Kupp instead lol I was short of early round draft picks so my team’s looking a bit rough

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I’m playing Woods tonight but I think the most he gets is like 6 receptions with between 60-80 yards with a 50/50 potential to break for a touchdown.

I mean I guess I’d be content with 8 points or so. It’s a standard league so TDs are a premium.

I have goff against kupp and cooks tonigh. I dont feel good about it. But my backups are baker and minshew and I dont feel much better about them either.

I know it’s early, but not feeling great.

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I have Cooks tonight and this is starting to Feel like a donut

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Haven’t seen him involved in any plays really.

Yep doesn’t even look his way.

Except for the one long ball that was underthrown

Just like last week. …

Ughhhh… I knew I didn’t have a good feeling about last night… 0-5 here i come.

Well, I have Goff, Woods, and Cooks (Goff off of waivers, and flipped AB for Cooks after week 1) and I have yet to realize the big TD stack. Frustrating.

Oh man… what a let down. That’s a brutal stack this year.

Hoping this roster can get some wins, and soon.

Geoff only has eyes for Kupp right now, I don’t really know what to do with Woods, even with cooks out he still didn’t do much

If you had to choose just 1 ROS, Woods or Cooks? I’m looking to ship one for say Josh Gordon or a middling RB.