Confused on who to keep in 2019

Do I keep Ertz with 4th round pick OR do I keep either Damian Williams, Marlon Mack or Derrick Henry with the 12th round pick??

Given the TE landscape, Ertz for a 4th seems tempting but I think the answer here for me is Marlon Mack. He reminds me a lot of Gurley’s rookie season. Huge ceiling, slightly lower floor as he gets more comfortable with the offense and the colts continue to build out their Oline into one of the best in the NFL, he’s going to be a stud in that offense. No competition to speak of and 3 down skill set. His just comes down to a question of health. But you can say the same about Ertz, not ertz’s health but wentz’s health. ANd with BDN gone, if and when wentz goes down, I wouldn’t feel too great about Ertz.

Ertz is probably worth a 3rd rounder max. IMO mack should go in the 4th and you’re basically getting him for free. That’s a lot of value.

Also, just lmao at the thought of even considering keeping williams or henry.

Thanks. You basically confirmed my initial thoughts. William’s as THE GUY in that KC offense is something that needs to be considered. As for Henry, perhaps TN finally figured out how to use this guy and get RB1 production from him?

I would be careful about appointing williams as “the guy”. He is just a mediocre talent and produced last year as a product of the system. KNowing reid, they can easily just draft one of the other RBs in this class in the 3rd round and he would easily displace williams.

Literally just lol’d at henry being an RB1. It’s not about how they use them, he just isn’t that good. Has no vision, zero elusiveness to speak of and goes down on first contact. He’s fast and he’s big. That’s about it. And every year, he has 1 or 2 games that drag people back in thinking “wow he must’ve finally figured it out”. Spoiler alert: He hasn’t. Derrick Henry is the Davante Parker of RBs.

Thanks again. Pretty sure my plan will be to keep Mack with 12th round pick, then try and grab Kelce or ertz in 2nd round. It’s a reach for ertz, but being I should have rbs locked in by then, I can afford the reach.

Ertz in the 2nd is too early. I would wait till at least 3rd. Kittle is also an option there who you can probably get a bit later. And if you miss on both of those, plenty of better value in later rounds that you can get (OJ, Ebron, etc.)

Not Ertz. Probably M. Mack.