Confusing Commissioner Question

So in my dynasty league, I sent this offer to a rebuilding team who wanted early picks for the next year’s draft.

They receive:
Eric Ebron
2020 2nd Round pick

I receive:
Tyrell Williams
2020 4th Round pick

Here is the catch. The person I traded with is my brother and I have no connection in real life to anyone in the league but him. This trade has already been accepted. My league’s trade rule is that the commissioner vetoes/upholds all traded that have been accepted. He emailed me a couple days ago saying he thought the trade was a total rip-off for the side receiving Ebron. The trade was accepted before the AB drama escalated to the point of him being cut.

So here is my question. What is the commissioner’s job regarding approving/denying trades to pass through? I’m having a hard time figuring out what trade is fair and what trade isn’t because it’s apparently up to the commissioner to decide that… and the rest of the league. I made a trade with my bro earlier and a bunch of the league flipped out because they thought the trade wasn’t fair. The trade ended up passing thru tho.

I am also the commissioner of another league so I guess I’m wondering how much power y’all think the commissioner should have over trades in the league. And I guess if you’ve been in a similar situation as me, if there’s anything you’ve done that can help sort things out for my league where I did the trades with my bro.