Confusing Dynasty Rankings

Hey Footclan!

I’ve never done a dynasty league before and our draft is this weekend. I’m assuming everyone is going to overreact to age, what would you guys do about players like:

AJ Green

I love having a plug and play TE but is it better to take a chance on someone like Njoku or Trey Boo Boo a little later or would you take Gronk or Kelce in the 3rd or 4th? Same with AJ Green, would you take him in the 3rd or take someone like Cooper or Hill instead?


Gronk will prob fall because it is dynasty. For me it depends on who you grab in the first three. If you are arching towards a contender, than taking Gronk is a great move. If you end up going youth, than taking Gronk may not be the right move.

In my experience, in a single QB and TE league, I’d wait. Build your core and depth first.