Conner and D. Williams for Hopkins/Julio? 2.0

Hey guys,
I recently made a post about whether I should trade Conner and Ridley for Julio, but I realized that the offer is too unfair.
The same dude is willing to trade his Hopkins and another lesser player for Conner and Damien Williams instead, but I don’t know if I should go through with that.
Here is his roster:
QB: Newton
RB: Cook, Drake, Miles Sanders, Ronald Jones, Ballage
WR: Julio, Hopkins, Lockett, Davis, D. Jackson, Stills

Who else should I try to get from his team along with Hopkins to make this trade better for me?
My team is:
QB: Rodgers, Wentz
RB: Kamara, Conner, Williams, Michel, Cohen, Murray
WR: Woods, Ridley, Kirk, Westbrook, Gordon

He is also willing to do Conner and Michel for Julio, but not Conner and Michel for Hopkins because he believes Hopkins is too valuable for just Conner and Michel.
If you guys have any other offer that would be better in your eyes, please let me know too.
I’m mainly really focused on getting a true WR1.

Try Conner and Williams for Hopkins and Sanders.

He said he’s willing to do Hopkins and Miles Sanders for Cook and Williams. Should I accept? Am I benefitting my team by doing this trade?

I feel like Williams can really be a solid RB2 with RB1 upside but recently, the news hasn’t been looking great for him. Nevertheless having a RB with upside like Williams would be great to have along with Conner who will easily put up RB1 numbers. But then again, I honestly have no idea. Hopkins is also a beast and there’s a reason why he’s getting drafted as the number one WR