Conner and Diggs again

Would you take Diggs and conner and try to get Josh Jacobs? I’m trying for Adams first not sure the guy will though because he’s a GB fan

Who are your other RBs and WRS?

I believe Jacobs has a great ceiling and there is an opportunity for him to finish as top 10 RB where as Connor can break tackles and Cousins just isn’t throwing much to anyone Neve mind diggs!

I think take the risk on Jacobs as diggs and Connor won’t win you a title and whats the point in being first loser?

hope this helps

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RB: Bell, David Johnson, Melvin Gordon, picked up Williams from KC this week. And of course Conner
Wr: Michael Thomas, Marquise Brown, Golladay, John Ross, Chark, and Diggs will try to snag Dorsett if I can trade

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if you can’t get Adams then definitely go for Jacobs

then if you can snag Dorsett you have a strong team

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Thank you!