Conner, Chubb, or JuJu?

12 team 1/2ppr Keeper league question:

I can keep two of these three. James Conner for a 13th round pick, Nick Chubb for a 13th round (if I keep both of them one of them turns into a 12th round pick), and JuJu for a 10th round pick… Which two would you keep and how would that change what you’re looking for in the early/mid-rounds of the draft. Initially I was planning on Conner and JuJu and going zero rb and taking shots on some mid-round rbs with potential to break out… Now I’m second-guessing that and considering going chubb and conner and going even heavier on WRs in early and mid-rounds.

I’d go Juju and Chubb. It’s nice to have a top guy at the two most important positions.

Chubb and Conner are really close so you can go either way and be awesome, I just don’t like to do the WR/RB stack and having my top WR and RB gone on the same bye week.

I would personally go Conner and JuJu. Then go for a stud RB if they fall to you in the first, if not then load up on a few WRs for sure. I like Chubb as well, but I have Conner ranked a little higher in my opinion, and I don’t mind the RB/WR stack on the same team. Look at Bell/AB in the past!!
Good luck!

It’s Chubb and JJSS for me. Personally have Chubb > Conner in my rankings. And i have JJSS in tier 1 WRs and both Chubb/Conner in tier 2. I don’t jump tiers for positional need. JJSS has a good shot at the overall WR1 this year imo.

Also when all else equal, i don’t like stacking WR/RBs from the same team cause it caps my upside but is a moot point cause I have chubb over conner anyway.


Normally I would say Chubb and Connor, but I would go Chubb and Juju. Wr shelf life seems to be longer than a RB plus Juju is a virtual lock for top 10 WR while I don’t think either Chubb or Connor are locks I don’t think. There is a world were Chubb gets all of the work the whole year and in that offense knocks on the door of a top 5 guy though.

juju and connor. i love chubb, and if hunt wasnt there it probably wouldnt even be close. but i know that once hunt comes back and works his way into the offense, he isnt going to be nearly as valuable. and worst thing about that, is hunt will start making his impact fantasy football playoffs time. connor has no worries of that. the only thing that will stop him from being THE guy is injuries. and its not like connor is a scrub and wont hold chubbs jockstrap the first 10 weeks or so, connor will still put up really good numbers with some week winners sprinkled in there.

so IMO, dont go with the sexy pick. eat your raisin bran instead of reaching for another scoop of some fruit loops.

Quick Edit: knowing its a keeper does make me want to sway to chubb, but we really dont know if hunt is going to stay or not. if he stays, his value drops. if not, its back to chubb city.

I think hunt will eat into Chubb volume a bit but could also see JSam eating into Conner’s workload, especially in the passing. Not to a sig degree, I still have Conner ranked in my top 10 RBs but will happen nonetheless. I also wonder if coaches will mess with something thats working. I.e. if Chubb is absolutely dominating why fix something that ain’t broke?

Regarding keeper / hunt though I agree with you. I actually don’t think hunt is going anywhere next season. Browns have a top 10 talent for pennies on the dollar. Just makes sense for them to keep him on ice even if they don’t play him for that cheap. They might use hunt a bit more next season to show him off and trade him.

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I would keep Connor and Chubb as your 12th and 13th picks. That’s tremendous value!! My reason for not selecting JuJu is the depth of the WR position this year.