Conner Deal

Nobody is biting on Conner in my league…who loses with this deal. Conner/Rudolph for Drake/Edelman? I don’t have strength in WR - Julio/Ginn/Lockett(Lost Baldwin)/K Cole RB - Gordon/Lynch/Kerryon/Burkhead

Bump…thoughts? Don’t want to get stuck with Conner if bell returns…leaving me with Lynch or hoping Kerryon steps up. Thanks

I myself would take the guaranteed with drake/edelman.
The unkown with conner is just to much for me.

Not even the Bell owner? I would take Drake+ can you get anything better than Edelman. Failing that hold him and use this week again, he’s got a good matchup and will do well again so maybe someone bites then?

The bell owner wanted him straight up for Ingram. Is that a better deal?

Its a slight gamble just because you’re waiting on Ingram now but based on Kamara’s rushing use it looks like he’ll get his role back. Plus for the Bell owner when Bell is back Conner is a cut and he wont have another starting calibre RB in Ingram’s tier i assume so it’s not a great deal for him long term.

Conner was flipped in our league to the Bell owner post week 1 for Mixon and Hogan 12 team standard scoring for reference. I think you have the RB depth to hold Ingram until he’s back week 5 and you can stream WRs until something shows up (or Baldwin returns) that you can use. Gordon and Ingram will be a potent 1, 2 punch down the stretch with Julio that’s a strong trio i think if you really cant get anything more i’d take the deal but i’m trying to get another piece from the Bell owner he must be hurting bad with Bell and Ingram on the roster??

He has Hyde, Breida and picked up Yeldon. I was trying to get Thielen or Hill but Bell owner is stubborn lol. He also has J. Gordon and Sterling Shephard. Do I try and package something?

Hmm okay ours was a 12 team so less depth i guess in the rosters. what about Ingram and Josh Gordon? I can’t see him giving up anymore not after the week 1 blow up from Hill and Thielen getting good volume from Kirk.

Alternatively just ride with Conner until Bell is back and take the points man, you need to get something back you can use now because while he plays you’re giving up RB1 production so you need to factor it in. No trade is better than a bad deal IMO

Also, Drake owner only has K. Allen, Cobb, M. Williams - bench is Edelman, A. Jones. Alshon

Drake is a much better player, imo, but at the moment is in a much worse situation. That could obviously change any day by Bell coming back, but tbh, I’m feeling like week 10 is more and more likely. Tough call.


Yeah while i like Drake you wont be getting too much more from him (the Drake owner), See what Bell owner has to say about Gordon in there too. Or hold for a week, Conner should be good again then have trade talks round 2 lol.
Some of these WRs and RBs will bust, struggle or get banged up and someone will start to tilt and that’s when you can strike for maximum value.

I agree with @DFWB week 10 or at least close to that is looking likely, you need to be trading on that assumption

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I think the big plays and therefore big games are coming.

Thanks guys…I’ll revisit this next week…hoping Conner puts up another 30+ Lol

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Sorry i had to edit i meant getting much more value from the Drake owner. I think drake does have the big play upside yes and Gore will just be a nuisance after a few weeks not as much of a touch vulture

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Gotcha. Yea, I agree.

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Good idea, if he does be aggressive and go after the weaker owners with studs under performing

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