Conner dropped to waivers!? Whaaaaaat?

I’ve got terrible chance at winning any waiver claim, but James Conner was dropped to the waivers (due to health concerns i imagine?). Question is who to drop to grab him? Full ppr, my RBs are: Jaylen, Ekeler, Sony, Devonta, and Singletary.

Not Singletary or Devonta. To me you can drop any of the other because he is better than all of them.

Should i drop Ekeler instead of Freeman for Conner? Seems like Melvin Gordon is back and could eat into ekeler’s usage.

Drop Sony Michel


Can you drop someone at another position?

I’ve got Kupp, Marvin, Tate, and Josh Gordon at WR. Hunter and Kelce at TE

Which Tate? Golden I hope? If Auden drop him. If it is Golden then I drop Josh Gordon. He is so overrated at this point. If he couldn’t produce in the machine that is the NE offense with Tom Brady throwing him the ball why do we think he can produce period? His last good year was 2013…

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Yeah Golden, the original Tate. Gordon is probably the right answer

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I did not get Conner, not surprised. Now, do I offer to trade either Kelce or Hunter to the new Conner owner? He needs a TE and has offered trades to me for Hunter before.

I own Samuel’s, so having Conner would be nice. Ir do I try to swap Ekeler to him since he’s also the Gordon owner?

Offer Kelce and Ekeler and see what happens

You think both!?

I just think you don’t really have any stable RBs on your team and Ekeler is trending down… Conner is a lead back when healthy

You can try to swing Henry instead, but I think if you want to make it really interesting for him you waive Kelce around.

Also depends what his RBs look like, but having Conner and Gordon starting is hard to pass up for unless you’re getting a big name like Kelce

Offering Ekeler alone also won’t cut it. Maybe you could pull off kelce 1 for 1 but again really depends on his RB situation

He’s got gurley and Barkley too