Conner/fitz for wentz/OBJ

Hey clan,

Multi option trade deal in the works:

  1. My top choice atm Conner bell and fitz for Lewis Antonio brown and miller
  2. Conner for Lewis and Robinson
  3. Conner bell for brown and lewis
  4. Conner and bell for brown and Robinson


Current roster is
Qb Stafford (stream)
Rb: CMC Conner bell Royce Freeman, kerryon johnson, Aaron jones
Wr: diggs Landry fitz agholor cobb (prob dropping for a kicker)
Te: Gronk, kittle (possibly trading for lynch)

Which of the trades would you take or should I just sit tight with my current team?


agreed, I would do the first trade or 3rd

If I did 1 should I keep kittle and not trade for lynch?

6 in one hand half dozen in the other

having gronk who can get hurt at any point I like kittle so id consider keeping him

I was expecting more from freeman and johnson

So the guy pulled out after deciding he didn’t want to lose brown. He’s offering obj and wentz for Conner and fitz. That’s an accept right?