Conner for Ajayi?

As a Lev Bell owner in a 12 team, PPR, 3-keeper league, and a 1-0 start, I’m debating making a move for Conner for safety reasons. I planned on doing this regardless of the week 1 outcome and took a risk waiting it out to see if the price would drop, clearly it didn’t.

In this league, all teams are forced to keep 3 players, so typically 36 of the top 40-45 players are off the board before the draft.

I’m offering:
Ajayi and a 3rd for Conner and a 12th (last round)
Ajayi and a 2nd for Conner and a 6th

I feel like having Bell and Conner gives me a whole lot more consistency than Ajayi.

Current Roster:
QB - Matt Stafford
WR - Michael Thomas
WR - Emmanuel Sanders
RB - Jay Ajayi
RB - Chris Thompson
TE - Delanie Walker (hopefully Kittle)
FLEX - Allen Robinson
K - Who cares?
D/ST - New Orleans

BN - Bilal Powell
BN - Matt Breida
BN - Marquese Goodwin
BN - Sammy Watkins
BN - Lev Bell
IR - Jerick McKinnon

Additionally, believe it’s safe to assume that Bell does not return to Pittsburgh next season, and barring any drastic changes throughout this season, also assuming that Conner remains with the steelers and probably becomes a keeper for me. (Along with Bell and Thomas)

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If you can get conner for that, i’d do it pretty quickly. GOing to be hard to get it for that though. You should’ve been trying to get conner last week, before saturday. Smart thing to do in order to secure your 1st round draft pick. I’d be more than willing to give up Ajayi+ for conner alone without even getting anything back.

Do you believe Conner becomes a top 10 RB next season?

Would’ve said no before watching last weeks game but it’s definitely possible. If steelers make him the lead guy and continue to give him 25-30 touches, I don’t see why not.

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Always appreciate your analysis. Thanks!