Conner for Jacobs?

I am looking to work out a trade that involves trading away Conner for jacobs. I am trying to pair conner with a low end WR like crowder/woods for jacobs and someone like thielen or OBJ… opinions?

Also was trading chark away for gurley a crazy move?

on paper it shouldn’t be, RB is way more valuable than WR but just depends on if the Rams get the ship righted soon

Ya I also built in my own safety net against injury by already having brown from the waivers. I just already had crowder, hill, hopkins, and woods at WR. and this week Conner and chubb were on a bye…

I’m not making that trade if I’m the other guy tbh lol but I like it for you

Should I be talked out of offering Conner and woods for Jacobs and thielen or Jacobs and obj? Who should I Target ? I favor thielen