Conner for kamara

who wins this trade? with bell not showing up conner is a locked in top 3-5 rb ros and kamara is of course is amazing but who’s better?

Both are great, can’t really go wrong with either one tbh with bell not showing up. Push come to shove, I’d probably take Kamara cause he is more involved in passing game and targets are just worth more than rushes. And also, Kamara is dominating goal line work as well so he and conner are similar on that front. And i’d say saints are a slightly better offense. And he’s just a better running back imo.

But if you were to say conner, I wouldn’t fight you either.


im a conner owner just seeing what my options are, i tend to lean kamara as well but the saints may be resting him week 16 if the rams lose monday night against the chiefs. just another thing to factor in

Saints and Rams will be in a tight race for home field and we all know saints have much better chance of winning if they secure it. I highly doubt they will be resting kamara in week 16 even if rams lose. Cause if they lose, then you’re back in the race again. Having 2 really good teams actually makes the prospects of them playing harder higher.