Conner for Kittle - Full Point PPR

I have Zeke, Carson and Conner.

I also have Evan Engram but would like to flip him or Kittle for another WR.


So you have Engram Conner and Kittle?

Or you have Engram and Conner and want to get Kittle?
If so, I dont’ see the need to upgrade Engram, and would rather upgrade for another position (WR?_

I have Conner and Engram.

The thought process on this would be to try and flip Engram or Kittle (if i make the trade) with the OJ Howard owner.

Me and my tilted ass might be thinking too much.

Too many uncertain variables for me.
Especially if the Howard owner makes another trade/picks up someone off waivers/doesn’t want to pay as much as you want.

I like the Conner for Kittle value though, esp. with Zeke/Carson and some depth.