Conner for Sermon

Currently have Mostert (who should start and be valuable) but i’m wondering if i should try and get Sermon just in case.

Just shot the owner Conner for Sermon, thought?

Much rather have Sermon, but if I were the Sermon owner there’s no way I’d trade him for Conner

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You might have to throw in a Kicker.

With the Mostert injury news, along with Trey Sermon being declared inactive per coaches decision, i wanted to revisit this.

Obviously I’m going to put in a claim for Mitchel, and maybe even Hasty as well (only 5th priority so likely won’t get him). I’m wondering if it’s still worth it to try and grab Sermon, do you think he’ll get another shot with Mostert down? If he does, what kind of role do you think awaits him? 2nd string?

bumpin this up