Conner + Godwin for CMC

Thinking about trading conner + Godwin for CMC. Want to free up a roster spot.

QB: Brady, Wentz
RB: kamara, Hunt, Conner, Gibson Drake
WR: Godwin, Mclaurin, Fuller, DJ Moore, DJ chark, AB
TE: Fant


5-2 record if that impacts anything

I think you got good depth at RB already but could use a true WR1.

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I like having the three RBs and think fuller, mclaurin and Moore can be fine as your WRs, assuming it’s 2rb, 2wr and flex lineup. You’ll just have to pick which WR each week to sit. Or pair two WRs for Hopkins to a team that only has one reliable WR.

I like it, but the owner might not want Godwin since he’s been getting hurt a lot and is currently hurt. If he’s gna continue to have someone sitting out on his bench, he’ll probably want that someone to be CMC

To get CMC, you need to make it interesting to the owner to win now. Especially if they are hurting.

Might as well try it. Depends what the cmc owner needs. I have cmc in my league, you might find it tough to have him give up cmc after waiting all this time to to be back next week. Like I said depends on if he is a win now and needs an RB

I think he will. He likes Chris Godwin a lot and has proposed something similar in the past.

I think I feel comfortable rolling with mclaurin, Fuller, Moore, chark, AB. All those guys should be competent enough to play match ups. I’ll also test the market on a fuller+ Moore for a WR1