Conner, Jaylen Samuels, Michel or none of the above

Need to fill my 2nd flex with an RB or WR. 1/2 PPR. Currently have jaylen Samuels there, but have Conner on my bench. Conner is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game. My question is should I wait as long as possible and see if Conners going to play and plug him in or should I choose someone else. Even if Conner plays I’m hesitant to start him coming off this injury in case of him reaggrivating it. I have Michel on my bench as well as some less than stellar WR options ie. Robbie Anderson, Kenny Stills, Jordy Nelson and Un-Golden Tate. One thing going in my favor is that the team I’m up against started Allen for zero points. Currently favored to win 117 to 91.

Ito Smith is also on waivers. Should I drop a WR, if so which one, snd pick him up and start or stash him. He’s currently listed as questionable though

Connor if he plays. Samuels if Connor doesn’t play.

Anyone else have any insight?

I agree. Conner or Samuels depending on who plays