Conner & Kerryon Trade

I’ve got James Connor in a 12 man standard league and was offered Kerryon Johnson or Kerryon Johnson and Derrick Henry?

Feels like I should make the trade for Kerryon but do I have him throw in Henry as well?


My roster:

QB: Watson
RB: Ingram, Connor, Lindsay, Drake, Carson, Ekeler, Ronald Jones
WR: Julio Jones, Thomas, Callaway
TE: Kelce, Burton
D/ST: Ravens, Panthers
K: Santos


Take kerryon. No need to bother with Henry.

If you can get Kerryon Johnson for Conner do it now…
Bell is coming back, and unless he gets traded Conner will have no value…

If you were to take Henry drop a d for him. He’d just be a stash to see if he gets out of his rut

Thanks everyone for the advice. Forgot to mention the only kicker of this deal. If I make the trade this week, I’m also facing the guy I’d be trading for Kerryon with. So I’d be going against Connor now and I’m 2-2 to start the season.

I’m in the exact situation except I’m trading for Landry haha

I don’t really love this but it depends – are you trading Conner to the Bell owner?

I’d take Henry, too, and drop a defense. If nothing else, Titans get Buffalo this weekend and Henry could have a nice “get right” game. If so, he’ll have some trade value going forward

I think you should just keep Conner and play him this week. He’s going to have a monster week. If nobody wants him for anything better then just keep playing him until whatever happens, happens. It’s still completely uncertain. And you have like 10 RB’s so I don’t know that it makes sense giving him away for an RB who will score less points (due to his team mainly) when it’s WR’s you need.

If Conner gets taken out for Bell and nobody wants him, then he’s a good stash for you and a handcuff to the best RB in the NFL which gives you leverage in any potential trade. I think you don’t get enough from Kerryon at all for the amount of upside/possible leverage on the Bell owner you’re sacrificing to get a player you don’t need in particular.

Kerryon’s schedule is also unfortunately really unfavorable defensively almost every game the rest of the season.

Thanks again for all the replies everyone. Right now I think I’m just going to hold onto Connor and try to get another two wins before the bye week or try to trade Connor again to the Johnson owner after this week. @falcones404, no Connor wouldn’t be going to the bell owner.

Good luck. I think you’re basically giving up Kerryon in order to try and win 2 weeks. After 1-2 weeks, very small chance you can still grab Kerryon for Conner without giving something else up given Conner will be unplayable from week 8 onwards. Or week 10 at the latest.