Conner/Latavius for Fournette?

Dalvin Cook owner has Fournette as his other RB with no backups. He also has TJ Yeldon. Should I try to offer Conner and Latavius for Fournette or just keep riding the Conner train? Could maybe add in Yeldon in the trade as well since Fournette is a risk.

My RBs: Melvin Gordon, Conner, Tevin Coleman, Powell, James White, Latavius

I wouldn’t trade fournette for that if I were them. It’s a high level rental and a back up for a high end starter that they have their handcuff for.

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This. Plus if I owned Conner i’d be trying to stack up the wins while you can. If you can get to 5-0 you could go 3-5 and fall backwards into playoffs.

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