Conner/Lynch for Allen/Hyde

Who wins this trade?

Keenan Allen/ Hyde

I’m leaning that way too, but why?

The raiders are awful and I think Lynch’s ceiling is capped. Allen can really boom some games and is always good. Raiders will play the chargers and chiefs twice so they won’t be running the ball at all those games. Hyde is solid - browns have a much better team now. Not messing with pitt situation.

I think Conner/Lynch wins. I don’t have high hopes for Hyde ROS - at least not at this crazy pace he’s currently on. Allen could make or break this, and I think he will ultimately disappoint, too. And Rivers will be to blame for that. Of course, Conner/Lynch loses if Bell comes back and plays for the Steelers, but assuming Conner gets to keep playing, he will start scoring and be kind of a hybrid CMC / Saquon. Which is a nice combo…Lynch is just icing on the cake, but at least we know he is getting the ball on the 1 yd line and nobody else, and as long as he’s healthy, he’ll start and get his carries. Though I just thought of something…what if Bell goes to the Raiders??? I can see that happening after they screwed up with Mack. Sorry pure speculation on that last point…

I think it’s an interesting and fair trade. I actually think there’s some serious risk on both sides. If the Brown’s season goes sideways, you could see a late push for Chubb and there’s the possible emergence of Mike Williams cutting into Allen’s targets. With Conner, I’m assuming now you get his current level of production for 10 weeks. For me, that’s enough to win this trade.

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I need an upgrade a WR bad. So Allen is tempting. But both these thoughts on Hyde and the fact I am giving up 2 backs is what’s giving me hearache