Conner/McLaurin for Carson/Lockett

.5 ppr - 12 man - 5 Bench

I took Conner over Carson and the guy after me took Carson but really was shooting for Conner. I am thinking of packaging Conner/McLaurin for Carson/Lockett as I am very uneasy with Haskins and the Washington Football Team. Thoughts?

My RBs and WRs:

RBs: Zeke, Conner, Ingram, Jordan, Gibson, Snell

WRs: Golladay, McLaurin, Marquise Brown, Shepard

Carson is an upgrade over Conner, but potentially not by much.

Since we’re talking about who would be your WR2, I think you can play good matchups with McLaurin and Hollywood and don’t think you need to worry about McLaurin as much as you are…Remember Riverboat Ron brought Kyle Allen along from Carolina as well and he made DJ Moore valuable last year. In the event that Haskins tanks early, there’s other middling QBs on that roster who can give Terry enough to shine.

Most importantly though, you’d be locking yourself into stacking a RB/WR on the same NFL team each week…albeit less impactful for this group since Lockett only needs a couple targets to be effective, but it’s still a situation I try to avoid.

I’m in on McLaurin and think Connor will be better than last year, but if the guy wants Connor that badly, get more!

Yeah I think I am overthinking this. I see every point you are mentioning, it all makes total sense. Thanks for the advise!

Yeah I agree. I wouldn’t take this trade as is. I think both Conner and Terry have more upside than the other two you would be getting in return.

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