Conner or Cook

last pick of 12 team standard league and always Have connor or cook fall to me.

Who you taking there?

Standard I take Connor. I have both stated out for about the same number of targets/catches; but, I have Connor with more carries and TDs. Cook is essentially coming into an established offense and has to compete with Thielen and Diggs for play volume and redzone TDs. Connor produced last year with both AB and JuJu getting massive volume. Now, AB has a large vacancy of market share and TD availability. This tells me that Cook has to take volume away from Thielen and Diggs while Connor has established volume and an opportunity to get more because of an open market share.

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Standard, Connor. honestly, any platform would be connor for me. which is not a knock on cook, just a better belief that connor will get a bigger workload AND stay healthier. otherwise if we are talking pure talent, its cook.

So I like both guys a lot & think they both have mid RB1 upside. I’ve been doing some mock drafts at the back of the 1st & find myself taking Cook over Conner though. I just like knowing what you’re getting with the Vikings (no AB no Bell in Pittsburgh) and the fact that Dalvin Cook is clearly the #1 guy in their backfield. I think this should be Cook’s true breakout season, we saw him flash early as a rookie before he tore his ACL.
Nothing against Conner though, it’s just preference, you’re basically splitting hairs. I won’t be surprised at all if Pittsburgh’s offense produces another RB1.

Conner for me here. I think Cook has some potential this year, but his risk is higher than Conner IMOP.